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Dr. Victoria Timmermans is a passionate family medicine physician ​and certified obesity expert dedicated to providing the highest ​quality care for her patients and their families. She moved from the ​west coast of Canada to the United States, where she has been ​delighted to experience the kindness and hospitality of her new ​community. Dr. Timmermans has cared for patients from birth to ​death and treats chronic disease, acute illness, and is excited to ​help her patients with weight management and mood stabilization.

In addition to her medical practice, Dr. Timmermans is actively ​engaged in educational efforts, sharing videos on a variety of topics ​on YouTube, and has several medical publications to her name. ​While she thinks the medical publications are lovely, she is most ​excited about a children's book she wrote and illustrated, Holy Spirit ​My Cuddle Muffin, a bilingual book in English and Spanish.

In her free time, Dr. Timmermans enjoys watercolor painting, ​gardening, collecting insects, and spending time with her husband, ​including hikes and adventures with their pet family: a cat and a dog. ​While even the cat accompanies them, the truth is she'd rather be ​on the couch watching bird TV not trotting up a mountain.

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Dr. Timmermans makes educational videos on youtube as Doctora Victoria with her sidekick George. George's family members occasionally join them. George's twin sister Georgiana has been pregnant and delivered a baby boy (a stuffed Ewok named Endor), and even George's dad, Senor Hueso, has made appearances. Subscribe and follow along; she takes video requests! Whether you are trying to quit smoking or are experiencing depression Dra. Victoria has some tips for learning medical providers and for patients!


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Me gusta cuando nosotros somos pacientes y pacíficos.


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